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SafeAir™ Purification Systems

Pursue a healthy home environment with the new SafeAir™ Purification Systems. SafeAir™ works works with proven ActivePure ozone technology to rapidly oxidize the worst odors, freshen, energize and purify the air you breathe.



OptiPure Technology produces the world's most powerful, yet 100% safe, sanitizing molecules proven to rapidly oxidize organic materials, odors, mold and even infectious viruses! First discovered and used by NASA, OptiPure unleashes a precise blend of TIO2, activated oxygen and healthy negative ions (essential air vitamins) that will sanitize and protect up to 3,000sq/ft in your home or business. OptiPure electronically reproduces our Earth's most effective cleansing molecules that will rapidly transform any space into a purified, safe breathing zone.



Step outside just before a strong rain or thunderstorm and take a whiff of the air. One of the first aromas you pick up is a sweet, pure, and often described as "fresh," scent lingering in the air around you. What you are experiencing is the natural scent of ozone! 

Ozone is a strong, oxidizing compound which rapidly oxidizes organic materials, iron, manganese and other substances. Not only can ozone occur naturally in our atmosphere but also through electrical generation. Ozone is second to fluorine as the most powerful oxidant in the world and is extremely effective in disinfecting, and has been used for many years to remove odors, purify water and destroy pollutants in the air, water and even laundry! 

Imagine unleashing the power of a refreshing and revitalizing "thunderstorm in a box" to sanitize and purify your living or workspace for safer, healthier and more vibrant indoor living experience. You no longer need to step outside for a "breath of fresh air," now you can experience it everyday all day long with SafeAir!™ 

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Eliminate Surface Bound Germs
SafeAir's controlled ozone concentration levels will proactively oxidize surface-bound germs to assure cleanliness & hygiene of your space 


SafeAir's agressive air cleaning technology can reduce the quantity of viruses, bacteria and other hazardous airborne and surface bound particles by 99.99% - This includes H1N1, Klebsiella Pneumonia, E-Coli & Staph Infection!


Choose Your SafeAir™ Model 
Experience Clean Air Technology in your home or business spaces!

SafeAir™ I

SafeAir™ I

SafeAir™ II

SafeAir™ II



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