Create your own personal contaminant barrier with E-PureAir Personal Air Purifier!


This ultra light weight, wearable unit propels cleaner, fresher and healthier air into your personal breathing zone; protecting you from airborne bacteria and pollutants. Backed by a decade of advanced research, E-PureAir comes with a solid platinum emitter and stainless steel grid to emit a refreshed discharge of purified air that will follow you and protect your breathing space wherever you go! 

  • Product Details

    • Rechargeable! No more expensive batteries to buy.
    • Helps defend against bacteria and viruses
    • 28 hours of run time per charge, charges via USB cable.
    • Propels cleaner fresher air into your personal breathing zone.
    • 75 feet per minute airflow.
    • Portable, ultra light, mini and wearable.
    • Ideal for air travel, movie theaters, waiting rooms or any confined space.
    • Silent, fan-less, filterless and maintenance free technology.
    • Designed to help combat air pollutants and contaminants.



    Technical Specs:

    Ion Density: 50 million ions/cc

    Ion Wind: 75 feet/minute

    Power Usage: 0.2 watts

    Power Output: 150 milli-watts

    Full Charge Run Time: 28 hours

    Charge Time: 3 to 5 hours

    Ozone output: Less than .028 ppm,

    Attachments: Lanyard

    Charging Cable: USB

    Emitter: Solid Platinum

    Collector: Stainless Steel

    Size:2" x 3" x ⅔"

    Weight:2.12 oz.


$149.95 Regular Price
$79.95Sale Price


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