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The big brother of the Airdog™ air purification line. The Airdog X8 is a faster and more powerful air purifier option than the popular X5. With up to 470 CFMs, it moves dirty air through its filtration quickly, making it capable of cleaning the air of a 1000 square foot space in just 20 minutes!


    Upgraded Technology and Air Testing:

    • Detachable Air Quality Detector: Housed inside the unit, the air quality sensor tests air quality and adjusts as needed to clean air. You can also remove the sensor and place it in another part of the room. 


    • Wi-Fi Enabled: Download the app and control this air purifier from anywhere. You can turn the unit on or off when you’re heading home or make setting changes from anywhere. 


    • Color Indicators: Real-time monitoring means the X8 adjusts as needed. A simple glimpse at your model allows you to see the current state of your room’s air. Green is excellent, light yellow is good, yellow is moderately polluted, and red is hazardous air conditions. 


    • Air Quality Index: Calculated by the amount of particles the sensors detect in the air. The lower the number, the healthier the air is for you and your family. This number displays largely on the front of the unit and ranges from 0 to 800. It shows you how much particulate matter is in the air.  

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